Misc: Gilligan

Gilligan's most favorite things: drooling, planter dirt, shower water. Gilligan's least favorite things: baths!

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Sleeping, human style
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119-1908_IMG.JPG 1200x1600, 493 KB 09/13/2003 11:05:55
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Did I mention he drools?
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Gilligan's the one with the small forehead
Gilli+Me9811.jpg 216x211, 61 KB  
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Scanned from 35mm
Gilliscan.jpg 416x348, 21 KB  

PlanterGili.jpg 855x594, 107 KB  
pass the bong
StonedGilli9904.jpg 729x653, 111 KB  
Watching birds on TV is the next best thing to tormenting them
TVGillie9905.jpg 650x888, 116 KB  

I just love getting a bath!
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