Trip: Venezuela: Windsurfing in El Yaque, Margarita Island

Mar 20 2001

Booked through Vela Windsurf Tours, March 20 - March 28, 2001

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Misc info

If you want to go mountain biking while you are in El Yaque, contact Juan. I went on a trip he organized and had a great time.

Please send comments to hahn (remove the space before the @ before mailing!)

I stayed in two hotels while in El Yaque and kept some notes:

El Yaque Hotel Comparison
Hotel California El Yaque Beach Hotel
Location A block from the beach. The walk to the water is about 3 times what it is from the El Yaque Beach Hotel which is not bad at all On the beach
View Can't see the beach from most rooms. I think only a few rooms on the top floor can see the beach Some rooms have a beautiful view. I was on the side and this was my view if I hung out the window.
Pool YES, nice relaxing setting NO
Fridge NO YES (it's nice to have a fridge)
TV NO YES, but it only gets novelas (spanish-language soap operas)
A/C YES, built-in YES, wall unit
Welcome Amenities I got a bottle of water and a free drink coupon
Elevator YES NO
Room size Spacious My room was small, but I heard that some of the rooms were more spacious
Breakfast Eggs and pancakes every day, but the pancakes looked more like tortillas. Still, the better breakfast in my opinion. Eggs or pancakes depending on the day
Noise Quiet I heard a lot of noise from the hall
Shower H2O pressure Not that great Excellent
Internet access Not available at the hotel Available in the lobby (~US $0.10/min when I was there)
Balcony YES Not from my room, I think only the beach-facing top floor rooms had balconys

El Yaque Links

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Vela windsurf area
image006a.jpg 1401x675, 122 KB  
Beach in front of El Yaque Beach Hotel
image008.jpg 1024x768, 174 KB  
El Yaque Beach Hotel
image009.jpg 768x1024, 141 KB  
El Yaque Beach Hotel
image010.jpg 546x706, 92 KB  

Hotel California
image011.jpg 870x492, 92 KB  
View of El Yaque
image013a.jpg 1412x678, 119 KB  
View of El Yaque View with LivePicture viewer
image017a.jpg 2863x818, 299 KB  
El Yaque Beach View with LivePicture viewer
image021a.jpg 2359x848, 191 KB  

Windsurf blisters
image024.jpg 576x506, 61 KB  
Room at Hotel California
image025.jpg 1024x768, 146 KB  
Cooling off
image026.jpg 1024x768, 143 KB  
Los tres bicicleteros montañeros
image030.jpg 1024x768, 129 KB  

Juan and Jorge, guias de las bicicletas montañeras
image031.jpg 1024x768, 144 KB  
Big hill
image033.jpg 1024x768, 148 KB  
Big hill
image034.jpg 1024x768, 139 KB  
Repairs along the way
image035.jpg 1024x768, 144 KB  

Big cactus
image036.jpg 768x1024, 146 KB  
Little cactus
image037.jpg 1024x768, 184 KB  
Still life with cactus
image038.jpg 1024x768, 186 KB  
Cactus up close
image039.jpg 1024x768, 182 KB  

Los tres bicicleteros montañeros
image040.jpg 1024x768, 138 KB  
View out the window of the Beach Hotel
image041.jpg 768x828, 147 KB  
View out the window of the Beach Hotel
image042.jpg 1024x768, 139 KB  

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