Trip: New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, April, 2003

Apr 24 2003

Thu Apr 24: arrive New Orleans at 1AM, stay at Le Pavillon Hotel where we were upgraded to a suite
Thu/Fri Apr 24-25: attended Thurs & Fri of Jazz Fest
Fri Apr 25: left Fri evening for Lafeyette... arrived early enough to catch the end of Festival International de Louisianne Stayed in the Auberge Creole in Lafayette. It was a little too authentic.
Sat Apr 26: Switched to Chez Des Amis in Breaux Bridge. Much nicer. Atteneded the Festival International
Sun Apr 27: Decided we were more interested in a lazy morning in Breaux Bridge than a race back to catch the last day of Jazz Fest. We took our time driving back and visited the Houmas House Plantation. We finished up our trip staying at the Hotel Monteleon in the French Quarter.
Mon Apr 28: Spent the day in the quarter

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The beautiful and timeless Le Pavillon Hotel
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Relaxing in Suite Eight Thirty
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The artwork in the hall outside our room was super classy
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Ready for anything at the fest
110-1061_IMG.JPG 1200x1600, 548 KB

Fats Domino!
110-1063_IMG.JPG 1200x1600, 402 KB
A pensive moment in Suite Eight Thirty
110-1066_IMG.JPG 1600x1200, 558 KB
A view of the foyer
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Suite Eight Thirty
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Another sitting area
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With our matching robes in front of more super classy artwork
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Beaded, finned caddy near the fest
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Bob Dylan!
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The Auberge Creole Hotel in Lafeyette, LA
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Auberge Creole cracklin & boudin house
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Chez Des Amis, Breaux Bridge, LA
110-1091_IMG.JPG 1600x1200, 790 KB
Inside Chez Des Amis
110-1092_IMG.JPG 1600x1200, 480 KB
Inside Chez Des Amis
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French mimes at Festival International de Louisianne
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French mimes at Festival International de Louisianne
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French mimes at Festival International de Louisianne
111-1105_IMG.JPG 1600x1200, 555 KB
Backyard at Chez Des Amis
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Lovin' lizards at Houmas House
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Houmas House
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We ended our trip up at Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans
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Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter
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The view from the Monteleone rooftop
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Lots of Limoge
111-1132_IMG.JPG 1600x1200, 838 KB
A box of eyes
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