Suzanne's Most Excellent Hair Extension Consultation

May 26 1999

This is fun!
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Enough with the camera, damn it. little did she know...
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Bring on the hair! (close 2nd: I am woman, hear me roar.)
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It costs that much?
image008.jpg 972x637, 138 KB
But I must have it.
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Should I tell her about the spinach between her teeth?
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OK, not sunglasses, hair extensions.
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Did I leave the TV on in my bedroom?
image013.jpg 901x640, 113 KB
Sorry, would you repeat the last 10 minutes for me please?
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While the rest of the city is hard at work, Suzanne Kramer investigates hair extensions.
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This one fits!
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... and it's also machine washable plus it can be resldijf ...
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